Finance Home America, a division of Eustis Mortgage Corp., is a full-service professional mortgage banker offering a host of diverse, flexible mortgage packages for customers with a variety of backgrounds and needs. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a new home, refinancing your current home or renovating your existing home, Finance Home America is here to help you find the loan options that fit your individual needs. We make the home loan experience simple by providing you with personalized service from our mortgage experts and ensuring that you are empowered with knowledge from a variety of resources.

Eustis Mortgage Corp (“EMC”), located in New Orleans, La, has been in business since 1956. EMC is licensed in LA, TX, MS and AL. Most lenders have similar products, pricing, technology and systems; however, we think that many leave the business because they do not have long term perspective. This long term perspective helps us differentiate between the latest fad and a true change in the industry that we embrace, manage, and use to create value for our customers and staff. We have a strong and genuine belief in the “ building customer for life” principal of doing business and referrals from previous customers and local real estate professionals have always delivered the majority of our production.

All of the processing, underwriting and closing is performed in Houston TX with a staff that has been together for over 15 years. Unlike most Mortgage Bankers, our operations staff is available to meet with our borrower(s), realtors and builders to discuss individual loans and to keep abreast of the many changes occurring in our business. We conduct training classes to our clients relating to a vast array of topics; from product guidelines, sharing marketing strategies and designing marketing material to assist our clients in their individual business endeavors.

We are Finance Home America. You’re more than a number to us. You are the reason we are in this business.

Below you can learn more about our leadership at Finance Home America.


Jerry entered the mortgage industry in 1993, when he opened the wholesale origination channel for Aegis Mortgage Corp. In his role as National Sales Manager, Jerry helped Aegis established operations in over 20 states while consistently earning top production awards throughout his 7 years with the company.

Jerry subsequently joined Fleet Bank as the Southwest Regional Manager for Wholesale Lending and remained in that role until Fleet sold their production platform. Subsequently, Jerry formed a partnership with Sebring Capital Mortgage opening their wholesale channel for prime products, known as Sebring Classic Mortgage with Jerry serving as President and Partner. Upon the closure of Sebring Capital, Jerry formed Classic Home Financial which continued to operate for over 10 years. During this period, Finance Home America was established as the retail channel of Classic Home Financial operating throughout Texas.

In March, 2015 Jerry joined the Eustis Family of companies by merging the Finance Home America operations with Eustis. Jerry remains a principal of Finance Home America serving as President. His focus has been the establishment of a wholesale channel throughout Eustis’ operating area. In addition, Jerry has lead the creation of a retail channel in Texas that compliments the existing Eustis retail network.

Prior to beginning his mortgage career, Jerry owned and operated a Borden milk distributorship, was a professional Bass Fisherman, sold fishing products and raised two children. Jerry is a strong supporter of Texas Sentinels, an organization founded to help our wounded veterans. He still enjoys hunting and fishing and now has four grandchildren to spoil and then send home. He is married to Mylena Alred, who has been his partner in the mortgage industry since early in his career.


Mylena began her mortgage banking career in 1982, working for Lomas & Nettleton in Dallas, TX. Throughout her career, she has worked as a processor, licensed Loan Officer, closer and underwriter. She obtained her FHA underwriting CHUMS in 1987 and as well as her VA designation, and continues to underwrite all loan types.

Mylena began working in the wholesale arena in 1988 when she joined Greenwich Capital Mortgage. Subsequently, she helped form the wholesale channel of New America, joining forces with the same group she had worked with at Greenwich. In her role as Operations Manager, Mylena participated in the growth and expansion of New America over the next 4 years.

In 1992 Mylena joined Prime Lending Corp, one of the largest retail mortgage companies in Texas as Senior Vice President-Operations. In this position, Mylena worked closely with Loan Officers and operations staff.

In 1999 Mylena moved to Houston to become the Operations Manager for Fleet Bank’s wholesale channel. She remained with Fleet until 2001 at which time she joined Sebring Classic Mortgage, a division of Sebring Capital. After leaving Sebring, she and Jerry Alred formed Classic Home Financial, a standalone wholesale lender working with mortgage brokers throughout the Southwest. As a partner in Classic, Mylena was responsible for operations throughout the company. During this time, she also assisted in the creation of Finance Home America, the retail channel of Classic Home Financial.

In March, 2015 Mylena joined the Eustis family of companies by merging the Finance home America operations with Eustis. Mylena remains a principal of Finance Home America serving as Senior Vice President, Operations Manager. Mylena is actively involved in the continued growth of Finance Home America in both the retail and wholesale channels.

Mylena is recognized throughout the industry for her operations expertise. She is married to Jerry Alred, her partner in Finance Home America. She has four grandchildren; two spoiled labs; enjoys her beach home in the Galveston area and still has a great passion for the mortgage industry. She looks forward too many more years helping homeowners obtain their dream of homeownership while enjoying her job and working with exceptional people.